10 Ways To Skyrocket Your Confidence And Become A Winner At Work

Winning isn’t everything; but making an effort to win is. -Vince Lombardi

Let your work do the talking:

There is a reason why ice cream cakes are popular. No matter how much effort has been put into making the cake, people love it only when it’s iced.

You get the point, right?

So, completing the work isn’t just enough. Give it that extra touch; put the icing on the cake.  Make your mark in every task you take’

 Your work speaks for you in the rooms you are not in.

Be a strategic person instead of someone who does just what has been told. Go the extra mile instead of just stopping at what you are asked to do.

Be a person who gives results rather than excuses. Create your signature. Leave your mark in every single thing you do.

Always be updated in your field much so that you are not threatened but feel confident with the ever changing tides of technology. Also, you will not feel insecure when new people come up in your office/team.

So, be updated; be awesome.

Look Sharp:

When you look good you feel good!

Its impeccably true. Dress smartly. Your outfit says a lot about you and plays a major role in deciding how the day is gonna be. The thing with sharp looking people is that they are often confident. When you look good, you feel good and that good feeling improves your attitude toward your actions and even brightens up your entire day.

Do not dress up to impress others. Do it to present yourself smartly. It is not about the opinion of others and if it is, then you will constantly brood over what the other person thinks about your outfit instead of carrying yourself with confidence. So dress up sharp and comfortable; believe you are awesome, even if you think otherwise. You become what you think!

Take Responsibility and Be Accountable

People either tend to take credit for success or hide behind others when things go awry. Do not be a hider. We are grown-ups and should act the part. Take responsibilities for your actions. Admit to your mistakes.

That’s what successful people do because they know there is no growth without sowing and no success without failures. Behind every successful step up the ladder, there are a lot of falls that go unnoticed. Understand the way things work; don’t be afraid to fall or to raise your hand at your faults.

When you start taking responsibility for your actions, you become more reliable and trust worthy. People will believe you more because they know that you are the best at what you do and you are not going to cover up when things get messy.

Don’t take sides

Be kind and fair to your colleagues. Avoid being in a situations that demand ill gossiping. Don’t take sides. Take a stand for what you believe is right. Try not to be involved in office politics because it can do more harm than good. Take action when there is a need for it. Be the one to do something about a problem instead of complaining/whining about it.

Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People – Eleanor Roosevelt

Delete “Comfort Zone” from your lifestyle

Be ready to push the borders and poke the boundaries to get things done. Don’t fear failure. Do not stumble and hesitate while accepting a task that you have less knowledge of. Be confident while accepting it; Let them know that you don’t have expertise in that area, but you will acquire it when needed. There is a famous quote from the movie Batman.

 I am whatever Gotham needs me to be.

Your workplace is Gotham and you are the BATMAN! Feels good to even say it, doesn’t it? 🙂

Don’t fake it

Don’t fake it. It’s okay to be imperfect. The key is to be original. Then, you don’t have to act every day.

Faking it at work is a very big mistake. Work is gonna fill a big part of your life. If you start acting so that people will like or respect you more, you have to keep doing it all day long and every single day of your career. Trust me, nothing is as tiring as living someone else’s life every day.

Be original. People respect you for who you are. At the same time, be careful to keep your work life and personal life separate.

Don’t change your personality. Laugh it out when you feel like or when the situation demands it. Just because your boss is around doesn’t mean that you should control your laughter or reduce your tone to mute. Be yourself. Actually, peers like the ones who are real rather than the ones who act based on the situations or the persons around.

Be receptive:

Be open to new ideas. Never turn down an opportunity to learn. A new thing learned gives your brain much better pleasure than many known things done. Admire people for their work. Compliment when it’s needed and make your presence a pleasant experience to the ones you work with.

Ask for help when you think you are stuck. Its completely okay to admit that you don’t know something but willing to learn it. Offer help to the ones who need it. While thanking or congratulating someone, do it heartily with a personal note. A small act of kindness goes a long way. A team with good bonding will perform so much better than the normal ones.

Don’t be Busy; Be Productive

You read that right. There’s a widespread disbelief that successful people are always busy. They are productive, not busy.

Successful people manage their time in such a way that they make the most out of the day. Busy people keep doing things in hurry and seldom finish.

Productive people prioritize their work, plan better and cross the finish line in time. My CEO once said,

it is not about selecting the important ones to do, it’s unselecting the insignificant ones.

So don’t be busy, be productive.

Handle difficult situations wisely

Know when to argue and when to brush it off. Understand that people have different perspectives. Don’t get personal when things get hot.

 Lose your temper and you lose.

Be mature enough to smile and let go when things get rough with someone. It is a pure sign of maturity and character. You are better than whatever it is that triggers you to do wrong. Anger subsides with time; but spilled words can never be taken back. So handle things wisely.

Learn to surf

Look at the things that scare you with fiery eyes. The things that you afraid are the ones that will help you achieve greatness. For instance let’s take performance reviews that happen in every workplace.

Do you get all nervous and shaky in those performance reviews? Stop looking at it as a place where you are getting evaluated, because  you are evaluated for the everyday work you do, not for what you say/do in that review room. So be confident.

Take it as a chance to express the things that you’ve always wanted to ask your reviewer about your work career. People don’t always get opportunities to speak about their career to their managers.

So stop fearing the tides and start surfing!

These are some of the motivational and winning techniques that I favor at work.  So, which is your favorite? Share them in the comments below.


Closing the doors

It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire business man or a sales assistant or a project manager or just anyone else in the world, we all have only twenty four hours a day. It only matters what we make of it by managing it wisely.

Let’s take a glimpse of your actual work day just like any other. You start by replying to mails and responding to meeting appointments. Then few of yesterday’s tasks approaches you for follow-ups. You clarify it and move on to your regular work schedule while one of the team needs your help in sorting things out in crucial dead-line stuff. After some good amount of time spent you run to a meeting that was scheduled long back after seeing a pop up message on your screen.

At the end of the day, even though you have successfully managed to do your role, your actual to-do list is still weighing heavy, or worse untouched.

A successful manager manages efficiently as well as works on the big picture.

To do so, you have to do more than going with the flow. This is where time blocking comes into the picture. I call it “Block to Rock“. Cool, isn’t it? Now, lets see “Why time blocking is a requisite for a successful manager?”

Time blocking is a technique that allows you to to freeze your time for the tasks that matter, especially in the long run.

How to Time Block
Its more than just allocating time. Time blocking is making rule’s which are to be strictly followed. It works on nothing but self discipline. We are far, far away from being pushed to do anything that would better our lives.

There are a lot of time blocking software and applications that help you time-block. Not only specific applications, there are wonderful time management tools that has features like time blocking to help you work your strategies with ease.

Share it with the respective personnel
Very important point to note. Share the time blocked schedule with those whose work depends on your routine. You don’t have to send them an email or call them every time you have something pops up that needs your undivided attention.

Regular interruptions and yeah-okay-go ahead-later can wait! It saves a lot of time. One process saves you many other.

Tracking and Transforming
Time blocking will make sure that you are working on the things that cannot be overlooked, in a right pace. You can track how much effort you are putting in the everyday chaos and also in the actual accomplishment. I mean no offense by stating the word chaos, I understand the importance of managing things.

An extraordinary manager never settles down for what he/she can do best. So pushing your limit is the only way to excel in whatever you are working on.

Planning is the foundation of successful execution

In his book “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success”, Brian Tracy quotes,

Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives
you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy.

For some, it might seem like wasting time on over planning. But not many of us know that planning is the first step of any achievement we can ever accomplish. You can finish a task way faster than you normally do when you have a proper plan.

Importance of being Unavailable to work on the Big Picture

Time blocking makes you reserve yourself for the things that matter. Even when being available all the time is good for your business, being unavailable for particular times would help you take your business to the next level. Only when you get out of the multi tasking ritual of every day work chores, you can think of something which is popularly called as the “greater good”.

Sometimes closing the doors for a while would help you build a better castle for your kingdom.

Even though you will not be able to see the results sooner, you can foresee the results and impacts your everyday actions have on the bigger picture of your organisation. Because that’s what leaders do; they foresee things.

And when things really start to happen and get noticed by people around you, you would’ve been working on something else that others can only see years later!

So, what is your thought on time blocking? Share your favorite time management techniques in the comments 🙂


Are you looking for hiring talented people who are unique and distinctive? There are some very important things to look for other than technical skills that are needed for your organisation. Anyone can be trained to do a job, even a tough one. But few things are much more important than mere skills and cannot be enforced artificially.

One of the very important quality to look for in a candidate. Some have the attitude that stands out even when the skills are normal. They can learn things and become expertise in it in no time.

Hiring someone with bad attitude just because they are very skilled is definitely a wrong move. It might seem manageable due to the time constraint you have, but it is important to make the right decision rather than an easy one. So be patient till you get the best hires. A good attitude is a must needed quality if you are looking for a great hire.

Fill the hole
Don’t repeat your hires. Look for skills that your employees don’t have already. When that person enters the arena, your team should grow in a new aspect, which will increase your production value. They should challenge you and your teams. So, hire people who are better than you.

This can not be found out by following guidelines. I don’t think that is even possible. When you sit with the candidate for a full interview, you will know if he/she is having a spark that makes them stand out from the others.

Those are the ones who are hungry for opportunities. They are the ones extremely concerned about their careers and take things seriously when given a chance.

Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But you don’t want the ones that are lazy and animated. Do you? Any one looking to achieve something out of his/her career will have a thirst to go an extra mile instead of doing just what is to be done.

So ask for a solution for a very simple problem that has many ways to be solved. See if he/she picks the easy one or the right one. Because, the right way is always tougher than the easy way!

Ask for the time when they have screwed up so bad. When asked what happened, look for the people who actually takes responsibility for their actions that caused the blunder instead of just pointing it on the others/circumstances.

You need someone who can be accountable in his/her actions. Test if they can stand up and take responsibility when something goes wrong and have got the skills to make it right.

Forget the decision making problems from internet. If you really want to get a good candidate who can improvise, create a scenario by yourself.

Your scenarios should demand candidate to choose between passion and money, love and career, honesty and loyalty, anger and diplomacy.

There is no defined answers for these. But when asked why did he/she chose it, the explanation will give you a clear hint of their improvising skills, honesty, lateral thinking and many others.

Fight the First Impression

Don’t fall prey to your bias. Most of us tend to judge a candidate just by the physical attractiveness or a confident tone or even worse, a firm handshake. We tend to ask nicer questions to the one we like and harder questions to the ones we don’t. This is toxic for your organisation. Handle your bias carefully while interviewing. Involve multiple interviewers in the panel. Assess based on the quality of the candidate and not by whether you like or dislike him/her. How to handle bias itself is a very vast topic, which we will discuss in the upcoming articles.

Add these points on your hiring notepad, I guarantee you that you will never regret a hire in your life, ever again!

How not to get frustrated at work

Let’s admit. We’ve all been there. Even when we are passionate over our careers there will be days when we hate to wake up and go to work. There will be times when you feel like shit after doing the same thing again and again every single day.

That’s not your fault. It’s very natural for a human being to feel frustrated at the given circumstances. But we can be smart enough to get ourselves back in line and be motivated all day, every day!

Break up
Not with your boyfriend/girlfriend 😉 Human mind gets dull when it has so many unclear commands to execute. We often end up worrying ourselves in work pressure thinking that we have so much to do. Actually if you break them up into small problems/tasks, you will be surprised to know how easy it is.

Write down the big rock first. Break them into smaller stones. Now start killing the stones one by one and watch the rock disappear by itself!

Time outs

Why is it so important to take a walk when i have a task to complete?

A problem can be solved in hundred ways. And we can get stuck in thousand ways 😉 When you take little breaks from your work, you give yourself some time to get out of the scenario.

When you come back after taking some air, you will have a different perspective to solve the problem with a very fresh energy. Taking breaks at regular intervals is an under estimated yet effective way to boost your performance.

Tornado Tracking – Done, In-Progress, To-Do
Track the progress of your work. While starting the day, write down the things to do for the day with empty check boxes in front. At the end of the day, strike/tick the check boxes of the completed tasks (Trust me, it feels damn good when i strike off every single one!) and move the in progress and incomplete tasks to the respective areas.

Next day, start from the pending/in-progress on, and keep striking off till you have no target to shoot!

Escalate ASAP
When you see an iceberg approaching your ship miles away, what’s the best you can do? Wait for days to get confirmation on the info or inform the captain asap? Option B. Not after any time but immediately! Most of the time we will know when we are stuck and need help in getting something done Or when there comes a risk/circumstance that could affect your work or delivery.
Do not waste your foreseeing intellect by holding back the information. And don’t you think it’s good to prepare with ammunition before the aliens attack?

Most of all, you will feel less pressurized when you know that your captain knows the risk that could happen which actually lightens the burden in your shoulders.

Be Proud

 Done and Dusted!

The work seemed like a never ending process is completed. Now what? Just another task as usual? Wait. Hey! You just forgot that you have successfully completed your previous job! That was hell of a job and it took a professional to be handled 😉

Give yourself a high five and a courtesy of self-appreciation. It will make you feel self-recognized of your efforts and encourage you to take up the upcoming challenges with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Now take a confident breath, clench your fist and look at your next task, you will see fear in it’s eyes and smile in your face!

With tricks like these followed in your everyday work, you will stop hating what you do and start killing every thing that’s coming your way! 🙂

Why is your project plan failing

Being over-optimistic while making plans
When the plans are overly complicated and less feasible, your plan will fail even if you have superheroes in your team. Making commitments without proper analysis and team discussions will give inaccurate time frame for the respective work.

Even a simple plan will need some flexible time frames to ensure that the plan works even if there is a little deviation down the line. When the plans are very complex, its hard to track and bounce back when facing a time line skip.

Not having a clear vision on why
Just because you have got all the paper works right on what to do, doesn’t mean that your plan will work out just fine. You should know the base of your requirement.

When you don’t know why the task is to be done or what is the lifeline of the requirement, you might be missing many other better ways. When you just do what you are asked to, then there is a good chance of having to spend more time on extra work/alterations which will deviate the plan.

Not having a contingency plan
Depending entirely on a single plan or even worse, a single resource. Plans are not meant to be perfect. It is just a guide which helps you do stuffs that you have already decided.
Plans might fail due to many reasons such as an unavoidable event, resource failure or a technology disaster, etc. Don’t entirely depend on a single plan.

Always have a contingency plan. While it is good to be optimistic when you estimate your work, it also pays off to be a pessimistic when you face downfalls. Not having an alternative blue print will make you suffer for your move.

Inability to change for the need of the project and changing the project needs for your comfort zone

 Your project will fail when you change the goal instead of changing the plan that fails.

Not tracking periodically
Be it a simple project or a complex one. Tracking is as important as doing the task itself. Call it a lifeline of a timely delivery.

Not being strict in tracking and reporting the status of the project in a periodic manner will definitely result in missing the deadline or time frame allotted for the project plan. When you don’t deliver what you promised, you don’t call yourself a professional.

These are a few blunders that you can keep in your mind while making plans for your next project so that you can minimize the risk of failure to almost zero percent.

Why Failing is Actually Good?

Dude, Are you crazy? How can you even say that failing is good when the world is filled with successful people succeeding everyday? How can failing help me reach my goals? 

Okay now! Calm down my fellow reader. I understand that the title is a little contradictory. Now sit back and glance the rest, you will realize what it really means. You know what does it really mean when you fail? Read on..

You are not a stagnant water

It means you are trying something new. You are not satisfied with what you are doing right now and you want to become a better version of yourself. You are ready to take risks in order to learn new things.

Which obviously means that you don’t allow your life to be boring as hell and you are not hesitant to get the heck out and get things done.

Learning from the best


Experience is the best teacher

Ever heard the quote before? I would say its genuineness is just purely one hundred percentage. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn, change and evolve constantly.

There are many things in life that cannot be learned or taught. And there are situations where it is not possible to predict the outcomes unless you try it.

When you fall, you learn to pick yourself up along with the lessons learned and carry on!

You are not a prisoner in your comfort zone


You could’ve opted out not to do it since you didn’t know a fail-proof/familiar way to do the same. Instead you were brave enough to take risks by coming out of your comfort zone.It just means you are developing your skills by keeping yourself open to learn new things.

It gives you more strength and courage to try out things that others might feel frightened. You are changing your life by pushing yourself beyond limits.

You get a whole new perspectives on seeing things


You start something with a plan. You were so confident that it was the best way to make it work. Yet, you failed. Now you sit back and wonder where did you go wrong. When you realize the flaw in your plan, A light bulb moment! 

You learn to see things in different perspectives, new dimensions, out of the box thinking. You start to plan better by seeing the same things in different ways.

You get to know what is the real taste of success


Yes, success means many things to many people. But only some knows what it really means to succeed. That’s because they have failed in something that they gave their best and overcame the failure by perseverance.

Dare to fail; When you realize the fact that failures are the main ingredient that gives your success life the best taste, you will never see the world of challenges in the same way again!

Tips for making a killer website

Be it for an organisation or for just a personal blog, websites are a powerful medium of connecting with people with same interest as well as of diverse. Having a great website just enhances your business exposure for like a 150% in today’s market.

If you need more readers/visitors for your site/blog, having a killer website is not more than what people call mandatory. Making a really cool website might not be something that’s as easy for many of us. There are just a few things to consider while building your website. Let these points enter your Idea Book and building your own cool website is a piece of cake!

The right title

Your website name is the one thing that describes the infinite things you do in your site. It should be relevant, short and catchy.
Don’t break your head while deciding on a title for your website. Just come out of your contents and details. Put your reader’s interest before yours. Think of why are you creating the website and what is it all about. I am pretty sure you can find out just the right title that relates these two. Try to be unique and different.

A good design

Choose a template that helps your website to highlight its main features. Make sure that the layout is pleasant and enhances the experience of your readers. Choose a nice font that goes well with background.

Give easy navigation and less controls. Anyone visiting your website should be able to get the most of it regardless of age or internet proficiency. So make it clean by removing clutters that are not needed.

Final and important point, Make it responsive. You will get more traffic when you give the users the options to access your website through all devices.

Login features
It is okay to have a personal registration for your site, But having only that is one of the best way to kill your traffic. So be cool enough to give the users the privilege to login with their favorite social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,etc. That way you ll get more visitors, likes, comments, feedback, etc


Use relevant pictures that are of high quality. Especially the feature images should be meaningful and attractive that readers want to click on it and read it’s content.
Use images in between your contents if you feel its necessary. Pictures speaks a lot more than a whole article. Again, use it only when needed.

It’s the lifeline of your website. Don’t concentrate on giving a mind blowing content that’s perfect and outstanding. Because that’s everywhere. Focus on giving life to your own contents by writing your original ideas and thoughts. Let it be precise, and sharp. People like fresh content.
Be very careful not to overdo things. Don’t try to fill up the spaces by your content. Space is a very important thing.

“Make sure your content has breathing room.” – Kristina zmaic

Bond with readers
At the end of each post, leave a small token of love. Tell your readers you appreciate them for reading visiting your site and let them know that it means a lot if they care to comment or feedback on your post. It will make them feel acknowledged for visiting your site and honored when cared by the author. It is one of the secrets to make your readers stay with you for a very long time.

How to get the best out of your employees?

It’s not about people development anymore.

Don’t just focus on developing people, Focus on transforming them. The better they become the better the production. This is one secret for the productivity which can easily be overlooked by any company.

Everyone undergoes set of professional training sort of learning in their career, but only some shines. Why? May be that’s where they are good at. And what about the others who doesn’t. Does it mean they have no talent? No, It just means that you are not smart enough to bring the best out of them.

All the employees might look almost the same in the the way they work, coz all of ’em are supposed to do the so called Job. When you have a overall look at their work, you cannot expect an increased or more than reasonable amount of productivity.

You see there are fruits that looks similar bur tastes different. You get the message. One is good at programming, another might be mind blowing at improvising. While some other is so damn interested in conducting team meetings and client calls. Now, Give all of them a same role Or Assign them a role of their area of interest. Which one do you think will be beneficial for a company?

I know it is important for all the employees to excel in various fields, but they should be given more opportunities in their favorite field which will make them more productive automatically without any special training.

 Now the Big Question.

How to find out which area is their expertise? I know it is not as simple as it seems to ask them. It doesn’t work that way. Focus on identifying their passion at any part of the work they are doing.

Watch out for the people who goes a little far in anything than doing what’s just needed. Look for the people who constantly remind you of an event that everyone cares the least. Appreciate the efforts that are put on a work done in an extra hour. Look for the people who skips their personal appointments just to make it to the office annual meet. A very important thing, when an employee does something for the project or something that’s good of the company especially when it is not mandatory for him/her to do so, no matter how small, you should recognize that!.

That’s one of the key motivators, it makes them feel that their efforts are being recognized in spite of the field they are working on. And whenever you credit someone’s effort on their area of passion, They will get back to you for that one compliment and tell you how much it means to them. Bang! You just hit the jackpot!! These are the small key steps of moving closer with employees which will in turn reveal their hidden potential inside them.

 Now what?

OK, now you have identified the secrets.All of it is nothing but a waste of time if you can’t use their potential for the benefit of the company.

Now, Challenge them.

Put opportunities on the roads they walk.

Wait for them to bend down and pick up.

When they start excelling them.. Keep throwing more and more. Trust me, They will never face a day of boredom in their work life as long as they work for you! You are giving their career a meaningful growth and your company the productivity it deserves.

The 5 Things No One Told You About Happiness

Love your original version
We just feel amazingly happy when loved, respected and admired by others, don’t we? But not many of us have the heart to do the same courtesy to ourselves. Because you know your flaws, and you always want to hide them and project your good ones, so people will like you.
Do you know a real trick for being ten times more happier for the same reason? The first step is to love your very originality. Believe it or not, you are so special with all your lovely flaws and characters and thinking that are so unique that no one else in the whole wide world who is a copy of you.

One of my favourite quote from the famous series Game of Thrones goes like this,

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.

When you start loving yourself as just the way you are, there is nothing to hide. And when there is nothing to hide, there is no reason at all to feel insecure. You will not be afraid to present yourself to the world. Because you are not afraid to put yourself out there coz you know how awesome you are! So always love and respect yourself and never miss a chance to give priority to yourself.

Be thankful
Always be thankful for what you have while praying for what you need.

Be an Optimistic
Find a reason to be positive in every situation. People have a tendency to always look for a negative aspect in everything. Not their fault, they have been brought up that way. You and me included. Simple tip for making any situation to your advantage is to look for the brighter side of it. Especially when you have no options left but to live with something, its way better to appreciate and live it happily instead of wining and living it anyway.

Invest in yourself
Pamper yourself. Spend time with you. Invest in yourself. Take care of your body and how you look. After all that is the one place that you’ve got to live your lifetime. When you look good, you feel good 🙂 Which eventually boosts up your confidence, posture and attitude towards life.

Offer more and expect less
Well, the title says it all. Let it be love, help or any good thing. Always try to offer more and expect less. When you start giving what you have to the world the returns will be unexpectedly awesome, only when it comes when you least expect it.